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The Potential State Podcast - Enriching Relationships

Dr. Assael and Galit Romanelli

Welcome to the Potential State Podcast with Dr. Assael and Galit Romanelli. Here we will explore different ways to enrich your relationships with yourself and others through psychology, psychotherapy, improvisation, spontaneity, art, communication skills, NLP, and more. In every talk, we share experiences, thoughts, realizations, and learnings from our marriage as well as from Assael's work as a therapist, trainer, and performer. Come join us to enrich your relationships today.

Recent Episodes

How to deal with a drama queen?March 07, 2021 Episode artwork The Most Stable Dyad is a... TriadFebruary 28, 2021 Episode artwork What is your emotional range? Are you surviving or living?February 21, 2021 Episode artwork Why do we believe criticism more than praise?February 14, 2021 Episode artwork How to reduce guilt in your parenting?January 31, 2021 Episode artwork Joy is a VERB, not a noun.January 24, 2021 Episode artwork The Implicit Power Struggles in Our (and every) Intimate RelationshipJanuary 17, 2021 Episode artwork Precision or Control?December 27, 2020 Episode artwork Solving the problem is the problem.December 20, 2020 Episode artwork Lose-Lose or Win-Win? You decide.December 13, 2020 Episode artwork Stop over-apologizing!December 06, 2020 Episode artwork "It's not that important to me" - The sentence that will set you freeNovember 29, 2020 Episode artwork How to deal with "You're Too Much!" (Especially for Women)November 22, 2020 Episode artwork The Victim Competition - Where The Winner is the Biggest LoserNovember 15, 2020 Episode artwork Why is it hard for us to believe change in our partners? The Natural/Fake EithorNovember 08, 2020 Episode artwork How to stop constantly interpreting your partner negatively?November 01, 2020 Episode artwork The Potential State's Top Ten Tips for DatingOctober 25, 2020 Episode artwork Sexual OWNURSH!T 2 - Mediocre (Maintenance) Sex Is Wonderful! October 11, 2020 Episode artwork OWNURSH!T 43 - The Intimacy Queen/King and The Emotionally Handicapped dynamicOctober 04, 2020 Episode artwork OWNURSH!T 42 - Yelling and Being Passionate - What's the difference?September 27, 2020 Episode artwork OWNURSH!T 41 - What Kind of Sorry is This?August 30, 2020 Episode artwork OWNURSH!T 40 - Don't Miss the Point of Disappointment.August 23, 2020 Episode artwork Sensory Preferences - Your Idiosyncratic Map of the WorldAugust 16, 2020 Episode artwork Ambition - The Forbidden Feeling (especially for women)August 02, 2020 Episode artwork Curiosity - The Cure for Judgement and Boredom in Your Relationship and LifeJuly 19, 2020 Episode artwork